Our Vehicles

Here is a collection of vehicles that have found their way into our garage.

2020 BMW 330i

Nov 22, 2019

We finally got around to replacing Rena’s 328i. This one is a fully decked out 2020 330i model with all options other than racing gear. BMW updated the 3 series with significant changes with the 2019 model. The 2019 model had a shortened availability and like with my 2010 Z4, it was meant as a way to prove out manufacturing processes. This 2020 model was built at the new BMW plant in Mexico that had amazing automation processes.

2010 BMW Z4 Roadster

Nov 22, 2009

Way cool Space Gray color Roadster convertible. The retractable hard-top is outstanding. 3.0L 6 cylinder engine, automatic with rear wheel drive. Had to have all the electronic upgrades and gadgets. This is a real fun car to drive!

I went to the dealer with the intent of buying the 2009 model that was released in May 2009, but the person I met with recommended waiting for the 2010 model which was to come out in Oct/Nov 2009. I decided to order a 2010 directly from the factory in Munich Germany with all options I wanted. When it was shipped, I was able to track the ship it was on go through the Panama Canal and enter the port in southern CA.

2007 BMW 328i

Jan 20, 2007

Rena’s car matches Mike’s Z3 in color, but way cooler since it has a super navigation system and heated seats. Rena loved this car and it was very reliable. Had to replace the rear bumper due to small accident from behind. Kept its good looks and all functions except passenger side lock was not automatic with others. Traded it in with 117K miles after almost 13 years. We never thought we would keep this car that long.

2000 BMW Z3 Roadster

May 20, 2000

Way cool Platinum color Roadster convertible. 2.5L 6 cylinder engine, automatic with rear wheel drive. Had to have the upgraded wheels from the 2.8 because they look great. This was a real fun car to drive!

2001 Saturn L300

March 21, 2001

Rena's car loaded to the hilt.  V-6, heated leather seats, power everything, including the sun-roof.

1993 Mazda 626-LX

Jan 21, 1994

Silver-Gray. V-4 front wheel drive. Bought new to replace the 81 Century that was totaled. Probably the best car we've bought. Very few problems and very comfortable to drive.

1991 Pontiac Firebird

Jan 21, 1992

Bright Red. V-6. Bought new with all the options I wanted. Cool car. ATLAS was my old handle on computer bulletin boards (pre-Internet days). No, I'm not a muscle-builder, nor a map expert...ATLAS is a programming language I helped implement. So I got a personalized license plate - ATLAS.

1984 Pontiac Firebird

Oct 20, 1984

This was a big step up from a rusting Vega. This was bought new. It was dark brown with a V-6 engine with good power. It was a very nice car for zooming into work. It had a problem that I had to bring it into the shop right away. They fixed the problem but created another. They apparently left some tool in the carburetor and closed the hood. This caused a dent in the middle of the hood. I didn’t notice this until I got home, so returned and they had to repair the hood and repaint it. This is NOT what you want with a brand-new car. They did a good job, but there was always this slight paint difference in the color of the hood.

When we sold the ’77 Buick, we needed a way to tow the boat, so I had a hitch put on the Firebird. A little odd, but it worked out.

1981 Buick Century

Oct 20, 1984

Hard to believe we don't seem to have a photo of this car!

This car was blue with a V-4 engine and front wheel drive. We bought it used from Avis. It did well and hit 100,000 miles. Then, this one bit the dust when a new female driver in the family over-tested the 5 MPH front bumper, and it was totaled.

1981 Larson Speedboat

June 21, 1981

Our new neighbor in Bloomington MN introduced us to boating on the Mississippi river. We decided to dump the camper and buy a new Larson 16.5 ft speedboat with a 90 HP outboard. It had a walk-thru windshield with a seating area in front, and leather seats. We cruised the Mississippi, Lake Minnetonka and other Lakes in Minnesota. When we moved to Acton MA, we usually went to New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesauke, but did other lakes and took it down the Charles River and though the locks into the Boston Harbor, where we encountered brackish water for the first time. When we moved to St. Louis we went to the Lake of the Ozarks and the Mississippi River.

1972 Starcraft Camper

June 21, 1979

Rena’s Cousin in Alsip IL (Chicago suburb) wanted to get rid of their pop-up tent camper so we decided to buy it for $1100. We had fun taking it on several camping vacations to Colorado and other places west and around Minnesota.

1977 Chevrolet Vega

June 21, 1978

This car was a bright orange. I got a good deal on this last year model of Vega with a 60K mile warranty. It was a demo unit, so it did have about 7000 miles on it. I definitely used the warranty when the engine blew up. The engine had a coolant leak into the engine oiland destroyed the engine.  They had to replace it under warranty, but mistakenly screwed English threaded bolts into metric threads of the aluminum block. That destroyed the block, so they had to order another block. I ran this car until the paint was well into peeling off, and much was rusted through. With a black interior and no air conditioning, this was a HOT car in St. Louis! Hi Tom...

1977 Buick Century

Jan 21, 1978

This car was a dark brown with gold striping. We bought it new. It had a V-6 engine but never ran very well. When we got the camper trailer, I had a hitch installed.

1971 Chevrolet Vega

Jan 21, 1974

This was my work car. It got me there and back. Beige color. No air conditioning and with a black interior, so it got hot in the summer. I got to love the hatchback. It was a great truck to fill with sand at the hardware store and empty into Tom and Mandy’s sandbox.

Driving to work in the snow, I ran over a fireplace log someone nicely placed in the middle of the road. It caught the undercarriage of the car, lifting it up and dropping it with a crunch. The radio housing cracked, and the radio was falling out so had to replace the housing. MUCH bigger task than I anticipated. I ordered the part from the Chevy dealer. It turned out the entire dash was one huge plastic fabrication. So, I just went at it, removing gauges, glove box, vents, controls, and dropped the steering wheel as low as possible. I was finally able to wedge the old dash out after a real struggle. Then had to reverse the process to get the new one wedged in and re-install all the stuff I removed. But I was persistent and got it all back together.

1972 Buick Skylark

Mar 21, 1973

This was our first NEW car, bought for $2700. It was light green (Sea Mist) with a V-8, 350 cu in. engine and automatic transmission, air conditioning, and cool, chrome mag wheels. This one also had to have a name so we called it "Remski”.

1964 Buick Special

Jun 21, 1968

This was a pale yellow, 2-door car with a V-6 engine. Major upgrade from my 1953! It had to have a new name, so I called it "Chico”.

Sold this car to Rena’s brother, Rick, who promptly wrecked it.

1953 Buick Skylark

Dec 18, 1965

Dark Green. Bought it with a broken transmission for $15 from a friend of my Dad. We got it working and I had my first car! A straight-eight, 3 speed manual shift on the column. Blew the engine by running it out of oil. Replaced the engine, transmission (to a Hydromatic), steering column (for an automatic shift), and front end (since the bumper was damaged). Sold it for $85.