Michael J. Gooding

Curriculum Vitae

Gooding Aerospace Consulting

Mr. Gooding is the Founder and Owner of Gooding Aerospace Consulting (GAC). He started GAC in July 2013 to provide his experience in international aerospace and defense projects that he refined during his 40+ years Directing Programs, Marketing and Sales Initiatives, and leading Engineering Teams and Projects. Mr. Gooding has brought his expertise to GAC clients in Global Marketing, Program and Advanced Systems Engineering Management in commercial and aerospace/defense markets.

Mr. Gooding has developed broad international business relationships with customers focused on serving specialized, government and emerging satellite markets in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, UK, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa regions. These relationships have provided a background in wide-ranging satellite business plans and the satellite systems that implement them. He has led satellite projects that involved Geostationary satellites (GEO) as well as constellations of Low-Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites, including Iridium NEXT. His proposal leadership on the Star One Brazilian satellites and the NBNCo Australian satellites led to the production of Star One’s C4 and D1 satellites and NBNCo’s Skymuster 1 and 2 satellites by Space Systems/Loral. Mr. Gooding led the proposal, negotiation, financing, insurance, launch services and contracting efforts for the Bulgaria Sat 1 program that is being manufactured by Space Systems/Loral and was launched in June 2017 on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

His experience includes U.S. and international government contracting. He has proposed, negotiated and closed contracts in excess of $100M, effectively leading teams of Engineering, Legal, Contracts, Finance and Program Management to successful projects.

Mr. Gooding led both dedicated and matrix teams of professionals to evaluate business plans, propose solutions, negotiate and close satellite contracts. This meant dealing with the compliance requirements of the U.S. Government on ITAR and Export regulations, and coordinating with the U.S. Department of State and Commerce. Since satellite projects demand significant funds, he has directly worked with satellite customers to assist them in securing funding through the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im). He has also coordinated satellite spectrum rights with satellite operators, the U.S. FAA, the ITU and agencies in Australia and South America. He assisted satellite operators secure the necessary insurance for their satellite launch and operational life with major insurance brokerages, like Willis Inspace. Mr. Gooding also worked with satellite operators to secure launch of their satellites on SpaceX Falcon 9, Arianespace Ariane V and ILS Proton. His involvement on the Intelsat 20 satellite culminated with participation in the launch team at Arianespace’s launch in Kourou, French Guiana.

Mr. Gooding’s experience at Symtx, GlobalStar, Boeing, Emerson Electric, RCA and Honeywell provided extensive technical knowledge and management of aerospace and defense markets and systems. Symtx was a small business, but provided complex aerospace production test systems to Lockheed Martin, Boeing and others for their latest aerospace technology. Mr. Gooding led the Advanced Engineering and Marketing/Sales team to create the solutions for these aerospace systems. He led projects for establishing the initial manufacturing for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, as well as US Navy Jet Engine Test Systems. At GlobalStar, it was his efforts that helped establish the worldwide set of ground station construction and verified the results of testing three manufacturer’s satellite phone handsets for use with the satellite constellation. At Boeing, Mr. Gooding provided engineering and management of several aerospace projects, including: Boeing 777 aircraft electronics test, Helicopter Communications verification, Teledesic (244 satellite constellation and ground systems), and the Global Mobile (Connexion) direct-satellite-to-aircraft system. At Honeywell, Mr. Gooding managed engineering teams developing Electronic Warfare and Avionics Test Systems that were deployed world-wide, and was the lead engineer for the Space Shuttle Main Engine Controller test system and simulator.

In addition to these aerospace related expertise, Mr. Gooding’s career has provided him with an extraordinarily broad spectrum of experience in technologies and businesses that are exceptional, as summarized below.


Gooding Aerospace Consulting – San Jose, California     2013-Present

Independent Consultant – Aerospace and satellite system business and technical plan development; Venture Investment Promotion; complex RF automatic test and simulation systems development for spacecraft, electronic warfare and radar; and client relationship advisor for international and domestic clients.

SPACE SYSTEMS/LORAL LLC – Palo Alto, California     2007-2013

Director of Marketing and Sales – Marketing and Sales lead for international satellite procurements focused on serving specialized and emerging markets, including: the U.S.; Latin American markets in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico; Australia; Malaysia; Israel; Egypt; Africa and Middle East; Russia and Bulgaria. Contracts exceeded $100M.

• Developed capture strategy, led proposal teams and customer interaction, conducted oral presentations and contract negotiations.

SYMTX INC. (subsidiary – AAI Corporation) – Cupertino, California     2000-2007

Director of Aerospace/Defense – Managed Global Sales Support and Systems Engineering for custom test system development. Test systems verified a very broad range of technologies from component to satellite levels.

• Managed System Engineering for nation-wide Sales staff in the pursuit and contracting of new custom test solutions development.

• Managed system engineering team co-located at Boeing Satellite Systems to define test solutions for Satellite payloads and phased-array antennas.

• Directly responsible for over 40% of sales, including the largest and longest multi-year programs in Symtx’ history.

• Assisted in positioning Symtx for acquisition by AAI Corp. for $34M.

GLOBALSTAR L.P. (RCM Technologies Inc.) – San Jose, California     1999-2000

Telecommunications Consultant – Responsible for Systems Engineering for the Globalstar Satellite Gateways and User Terminals (direct-to-satellite phones).  Worldwide daily coordination during Gateway equipment start-up.

THE BOEING COMPANY (ARGOSystems Inc.) – Sunnyvale, California     1993-1999

Engineering Program Manager – Led multi-disciplined teams identifying, analyzing, defining, prototyping, and executing new system development programs.

• Defined and coordinated the integration and system test approach for the overall Ellipso Satellite Communication System, including the Ground Communication Station, Satellite bus/payload, Network and User Terminals. Managed major electronic programs including: wireless data collector; RF Modulation Analyzer; a portable ruggedized test set; and an RF Communication/Navigation Test Set.

• Managed and prepared proposals, exceeding $300M, involving domestic and international strategic alliance and teaming agreements.

• Represented Boeing at all IEEE Automatic Test Conferences, strategic Navy and industry meetings. Published and formally presented several technical papers.

ELECTRONICS & SPACE CORP. (Emerson Electric Co.) – St. Louis, Missouri

Director, New Program Development – Responsible for multi-disciplined teams capturing new business for a $30-60M Automatic Test System (ATE) product line.

• Managed major development and production programs ($70M).

• Directed and assisted efforts in pursuing new business that achieved over $150M in orders. Defined strategic teaming agreements for several international programs.

• Achieved 75% reduction in bid and proposal preparation expenses.

• Represented the company at all Automatic Test Conferences, strategic MATE and CASS user group and NSIA industry meetings.

• Initiated the establishment of an industry standard for instruments-on-a-card, which resulted in the IEEE-1014 VXI standard now adopted worldwide.

RCA AUTOMATED SYSTEMS – Burlington, Massachusetts

Manager, ATE Program Management – Directed system development for the next generation U.S. Army automated test systems.

HONEYWELL, INC. – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Project Engineering Manager – Managed and performed engineering design and development of system control/support software for a wide range of complex automatic test systems and simulators, including: Space Shuttle Main Engine Controller, F-15/F-16 Avionics and Electronic Warfare Systems, Torpedoes, Navigation Systems, and Missiles.

          • Awarded Honeywell's prestigious Engineer-Scientist Award for technical excellence.

GTE AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC CO. - Northlake, Illinois

Process Engineer - Responsible for engineering development of system built-in test, and factory automated testing, of computer-controlled electronic telecommunications switching systems, including system and application software.

     Developed the first mini-computer controlled test systems for system and production test of GTE's Class 5, end office, electronic telephone switching systems.

     Developed high-order test language, translator and executive software using an IBM-370 mainframe computer as host and a mini-computer as the target execution controller.


B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois - 1971

Vocational-Technical Course Instructor for ATE Programming

Program Manager's Training

Proposal Management Training

Coaching for Success Training

GlobalStar System and Gateway Training


U. S. Citizen

DOD Clearances (Secret inactive, Top Secret inactive)